Foundation Repair - Pier Types & Services

Types of foundation piers are important because they can have different applications and/or tolerances. This means that the type of soil that your structure sits on, may be better for one foundation repair system than the next. When your estimate is scheduled with our qualified specialist, all this will be gone over with you in specific detail relating to your situation. Below are the different types of Foundation Repair Systems that we offer at Level Home Foundation Repair. To learn more or for any questions, please contact us directly at 918-361-7787 or 1-800-472-1366 .




General Foundation Repair Services

Our team of foundation repair specialists are guaranteed to do a repair that you will last the test of time!

Foundation Piers Interior & Exterior

Foundation support piers are designed to lift and stabilize home and stop it from moving around with active soils. There are several types of foundation piers. A suggestion will be made upon time of estimate on what is better for your home and/or situation. Keep in mind every situation is different and will need to be evaluated. Prices vary on volume, type, etc... Talking with our specialist about your goals and concerns, we will be better able to serve you and give you a complete repair you can count on! Financing available 

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Crawl/Space Repair

Crawl Space Repair can mean a variety of things. Support Beams, Crawl Space Piers, Floor Joists, Sill Plate, Rim-Joists, Sump Pumps, Dirt Removal, Crawl Space Encapsulation, etc... If you have a crawl space home; call out a specialist from our company and by the time the estimate is over, you will have a confident understanding in the problems you are  noticing and the solutions available to get it fixed!

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Concrete Lifting Foam Injection

Level Home Foundation Repair has a complete division thats dedicated to lifting and leveling existing concrete. This can range from warehouse floors, interior concrete slab, driveways/sidewalks, porches/patios,etc.. Our Polymer has a wide variety of uses and not only lifts but fills any voids that may be under existing concrete. Deep Soil Injections allow us to re-compact a failing foundation pad. Polyurethane structural foam is also used in conjunction with our interior piering process. This allows us to lift and then fill the void created from the lift. Only the best!

Deep Injection Foam Lifting / Soil Stabilization 

Loose Soil Compaction 

When structures sink; its generally because of the soil undereath losing compaction and/or structural integrity. Foam Injection allows us to strengthen the soils under the strucure and solve the root cause of the settlement, in addition to lifting and supporting. Each project varies in application needed. Level Home is sure to get you lined out with the proper repair!

Residential & Commercial Applications

Voids and or loose compacted soils are a danger to any structure. Luckily the strength provided by the polymer used in our deep injection process is strong enough to lift and support a structure of any size or weight! The applications for concrete are endless no matter how large or small of project. Enviornment frendly and certified safe against drinking water!

Structural Foam Injection / Concrete Lifting & Leveling


There are cases where traditional Pier Systems are not the right solution. For these we and other structural repair experts suggest a structural polyurethane foam that can lift and level concrete of all types. This injection process can also stabilize underlying soils that may have lost compaction. Also is great for filling voids from plumbing leaks and or natural erosion under concrete slabs. This application is the prefered method for large warehouses who experience un-level / un-safe concrete floors, residential driveways, patios and, sidewalks. Just about any structure that sits on concrete and or the concrete itself! There are also great waterproofing applications; contact a Level Home Representative today to schedule a Free Informative Evaluation! No matter the situation we generally have a complete solution to your problem and will be able to communicate your available options to remedy!




Structural Foam - Concrete Raising - Concrete Leveling - Concrete Slab Lifting - Foam Injection - Polyurethane Foam Lifting - Sinking Concrete Slab 

Steel Push Pier (Galvanized or Bare Steel)

Steel Sleeve Lock System    (Steel Foundation Pier)

Steel Sleeve Lock System


Pictured is the Steel Sleeve Lock System. The 12"-36" sections are made from 2.5" Schedule 40 Pipe, which allows us to achive proper pressure regardless of pier depth. This system can push as far as needed to ensure it reaches bedrock and/or refusal. Each piece is connected and has a 2.5" diameter allowing it to reach deeper depths than other systems. This system sits directly underneath the structure footing, preventing it from detaching like some tradtional steel piers. The Sleeve-Lock design comes with a 20 Year Transferable Warranty.


Steel Pier - Foundation Pier - Steel Pier System - Exterior / Interior Steel Pier - Foundation Repair Steel Pier

Helical Pier Systems (Helical Pier)


Helical Pier 


Helical Pier Systems are a great way to lift a structure without needing the weight to drive your pier into the ground. This method is done with a drive motor that turns the helical pier with auger at bottom end until reaching load bearing strata. This application is ideal for Retaining Walls, Bowing Basement Walls (Helical Tie-Backs), and/or General Structure Support. This method is generally preffered when dealing with extreme depths as it is gauged by the pressure of the resistence rather than the effects of the structure like some tradition resistance push piers.

Cement Push Pile Pier System    (Cement Foundation Pier)

Crawl-Space Pier Systems



Pictured below on the left is the system used in crawl-spaces. It consist of a 4x16x16 pre-casted pad that stops the pier from sinking with moisture. From there we build up with 8x8x16 solid block rated to withstand 4,000psi each. All piers are shimmed using 1/4" steel shims to ensure longevity. We specialize in crawl-space repair and leveling. There's no crawl-space too tight or too un-level for us to repair!!


Crawl Space Services Include:

*Support Beam Installation

*Pier System Installation

*Floor-Joist Replacement

*Rotted Sill-Place Replacement

*Cribbing Floor-Joists

*Moisture Barrier

*Drainage Systems (See Below)


Crawl-Space Repair - Floor Joist Replacement - Support Beam Instalation & Replacement - Crawl-Space Piers - Sill Plate Removal Replacement - Pier and Beam

Rotted Wood / Termite Damage Replacement

Level Home does a variety of wood replacement options. This ensures that any crawl space can be fixed completely. We offer floor-joist replacement, new support beams or girders, rotted sill plate replacement, sub-flooring, and much more. Level Home Foundation Repair wll check and make sure that your repair plan is completely comprehensive to your structures problems. When it comes to soft spots, un-even floors, or excessive deflection (boucing), there can be a variety of issues at hand. Make sure you choose a company that can determine these issues and properly fix your structure the first time. When you call us out for a free estimate, we will get under the structure and be sure to give you a complete bid that you can count on. Level Home will never ask for more money once the job is accepted because we go above and beyond to make sure nothing is missed during your FREE EVALUATION.


Rotted Wood - Failed Support Beams - Termite Damage Replacement - Wood Floor Framing - Pier and Beam - Crawl Space

Crawl-Space Drainage Systems & Sump Pumps

Crawl-Space Drainage Systems are necessary in certain areas to maintain a dry crawl-space. Many Foundation Problems can be a direct result of water intrusion and over saturation. Level Home Foundation Repair drainage systems are custom designed to fit your homes needs. They are set-up for automatic water detection and drainage. The specialist sent out by our company will evaluate and prepare an exact plan for your drainage needs. We also offer a variance of vapor/moisture barriers to help protect your home.


Level Home Drainage Service Include:

*Sump Pump Installation

*Perimeter Drainage Lines

*Crawl-Space Water Removal

*Plumbing for Pump Discharge

*Dehumidifier Installation

*Crawl-Space Trenching / Dirt Removal


Crawl-Space Drainage - Crawl-Space Pumps - Excessive Moisture - Leaking Crawl-Space - Standing Water Removal

Crawl-Space Encapsulation

Crawl-Space Encapsulations have many benefits for your home or structure. Having you crawl-space sealed will keep out un-wanted moisture and gas vapor from the ground. A majority of the air circulated through a home, comes through the crawl-space. By encapsulating the area and sealing it off, it helps defend from mold, moisture, vapor and cuts down on utilites by insulating the space rather than having it change with the seasons. The air quality of the structure will improve along with helping keep out unwanted pest and insects. Level Home Foundation Repair offers Vapor Barriers from 6-20 Mil. fiberglass re-inforced liners. Foundation Wall Insulation is an option with a termite resistant 2 1/2" insulation barrier offered, which will keep the space insulated with the home. We offer humidity solutions that pair-well with this service. Along with many drainage options for those whom just can't keep the water out! Crawl-Space moisture problems lead to a long list of foundation problems and wood damage. This is one of the most essential points of your home, don't let it go unprotected! 


Benefits Include:

*Improve Home Air Quality  

*Insulate Crawl-Space Properly  

*Eliminate Moisture Content  

*Clean Enviornment

*Seal Out Pests 

*Stop Ground Gases  

*Dehumidifier Systems Available  

*Protect Floor Structure


Craw-Space Moisture Barrier - Drainage Systems - Vapor Barrier - Crawl-Space Moisture Solutions

Crawl-Space Dirt Removal / Excavation


Older crawl-space homes are often in jeopardy of rotting support beams / joists due to lack of vertical spacing. This means that there is not enough room from the flooring support-structure to the ground, which doesn't allow the wood to breathe properly. This is also a common cause of Termite Damage. The repair process for these homes; is to remove around 24" of dirt from the entire crawl-space. This process creates both room to work and, space for the wood to breathe. Stops wood destroying organisms such as termites from easy access to the support structure as-well. Although it is an extensive process, it is a necessary one! This will dramatically increase the longevity of the structure.



Crawl Space Excavation - Dirt Removal - Moisture Damage - Termite Damage - Rotted Wood 

Concrete Slab Removal / Replacement


Concrete slab removal and replacement, is a solution offered by Level Home for houses that the concrete slab is cracked beyond repair. Once the slab has multiple cracks running multiple directions, it can be almost impossible to lift and support evenly. Although this is a last resort, it is necessary on certain homes who's concrete is just too broken to be repair. The process is to first remove the existing broken slab. Once concrete slab is removed, the ground can be re-graded and compacted. Rebar will be tied into the existing slab and new concrete will be poured and leveled. 






Cracked Slab, Damaged Concrete Slab, Uneven Interior Slab, Slab Repair

Bowing Foundation Wall Repair


Bowing/Leaning Structural Walls can create a large array of problems for the support system of any structure. This is usually caused by a combination of improper drainage and hydrostatic pressure from the surrounding soils. When the moisture doesn't have anywhere to go, it starts to swell in certain soil-types or back-fill from origional construction. This pressure pushes on basement/cellar walls and retaining walls until they start to break apart and push in. This can be elevated with a combination or drainage and interior bracing. The wall can be stabilized where it currently sits can potentially go back into place over time. Permanent braces are installed that support and push back. Carbon fiber strips can also be applied as an added measure to prevent the wall from being able to expand.


Cracked Basement Walls - Bowing Basement Walls - Hydrostatic Pressure - Basement Drainage Issues

Level Home Drainage Solutions

Complete Drainage Solutions For Any Structure New or Old 

French Drain Systems

French Drain Systems are designed to take ground water and any water that may have no place to drain and take it to the street or lower elevations to where it can run-off properly. These systems are lined with geo-fabric & backfilled with washed drainage rock to allow water to easily flow to perforated drain pipe.

Sump Pumps / Storm Water Drain

Not every home is built on a hill and/or maybe you have a wet basement or crawlspace? Sump Pump Systems are a great solution to take water from one area to another no matter the elevation chance and or situation. These can be used interior or exterior depending on your structures water problems. 

Seamless Gutter Systems

Seamless Gutter Systems allow the storm water from your room to collect and drain according to the downspout placement and/or attached drainage system. This is critical in protecting foundations from active soils as they are generally active due to moisture content! Level Home offers complete drainage solutions!!

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