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At Level Home Foundation Repair, we understand how daunting structural repairs can be. We are dedicated to providing honest foundation repairs at affordable pricing. We have families and take the opportunity to support yours very seriously. You can always expect transparency, honesty, and integrity from everyone you interact with at Level Home! Our company was founded and still operates out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and have been serving our community since 2016! We do service the entire state of Oklahoma with both residential and commercial repairs. Working closely with Tulsa and OKC structural engineers to ensure the best repairs possible to our customers / community members.

We offer a wide range of foundation repair services to meet your needs, including:

  • - Foundation Estimates and Assessment
  • - Interior & Exterior Steel Piers
  • - Helical Piers & Anchors
  • - Complete Crawl Space Repairs
  • - Polyurethane Foam Injection Concrete Lifting
  • - Soil Stabilization / Moisture Conditioning
  • - Foundation Crack Repair
  • - House Leveling and Underpinning
  • - Foundation Replacement (Slab & Stem-Wall Replacement)
  • - Drainage Systems (French Drains, Tight-Lines, Sump-Pumps)

No matter what your foundation repair needs may be, our team of experienced professionals are here to help. We use the latest tools and techniques to provide fast, effective repairs that will give you peace of mind and protect your home from further damage.

Why Choose Level Home Foundation Repair? When you choose Level Home Foundation Repair for your foundation repair needs, you can count on:

  • Expertise: Our team has years of experience in foundation repairs with Oklahoma clay soils, you can trust us to get the job done right.
  • Quality: Level Home uses the best materials and techniques to provide long-lasting repairs that will stand the test of time.
  • Transparency: We believe in being upfront and transparent about our prices and services, so you'll never have to worry about hidden fees or surprises when it comes to our structural repairs.
  • Customer service: We're committed to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way, from your initial inquiry to the completion of the project.

Level Home offers the latest technology in foundation repair processes and services, whether you are looking for: Foundation Piers (Underpinning), Crawl Space Repairs, Polyurethane Concrete Lifting, Soil Stabilization, Helical Tie-Backs, Drainage Systems, or even Complete Slab/Stem Wall Replacements; Level Home has an answer. Be assured, if you are noticing structural damage; we have a solution for your residential or commercial repair. Contact us directly at 800-472-1366 or fill out the form on "Contact Info" page and we can schedule sending out a qualified structural analyst to asses your homes foundation problems, at no cost!


Level Home has both Residential & Commercial Insurance coverage with no job too big or small for us to complete in a timely manner! Also offering FREE Foundation Repair Estimates to Oklahoma home/business owners. Be assured you can always expect the utmost curtesy and professionalism out of every specialist you meet from our company. Our experience in the industry comes from years of fixing homes/businesses in Oklahoma and we've seen what can and/or can't be done in almost any scenario. No matter the size of the structure or amount of damage; Level Home will create the proper repair plan for your situation. Our foundation repair estimates are thourough and cater to your specific foundation problem. 


Don't wait until it's too late – if you suspect that your home may have foundation issues, get in touch with the experts at Level Home Foundation Repair today. Offering free estimates and always happy to answer any questions you may have along the way. Level Home Foundation Repair now offers multiple financing options! Make the call today to protect your investment from current and/or future foundation settlement issues!


Tulsa Office: 918-361-7787  Oklahoma City Office: 405-922-9959 Toll Free: 800-472-1366 





Whether you live in Tulsa or OKC, ultimetly it comes down to your home sitting on many different layers of soil. I'm sure you can imagine that each layer has a different amount of structural integrity being as they are made of different soil types. As the earth has developed, some of these were carried here by way of water, others were carried by wind, & some may have been brought in by the builder. As a rule; soil layers genereally get stronger with depth. Most commonly there is a shallow layer near the top that is organic. This is where plants and vegetation can grow. Below that top layer, you will find layers of sandy, silty, or clay soils. These are the unstable layers of soil. If you keep going you will eventually reach bedrock, which is very stable, dense soil. The goal for piering is to support your home from the bedrock; rather than having your house move around with the unstable soil types that it currently sits on. 


Local Foundation Repair Company

We can all agree that foundation settlement is a problem across Oklahoma. Level Home is a fully insured company that offers quality structural repairs at honest affordable pricing. Most importantly, we are locally based and close by if you ever need anything. Currently we have offices in both Tulsa and OKC to meet all of Oklahoma's foundation repair needs!


Being a locally owned and operated business founded right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma; we take pride in serving our community! We are aware of the natural clay soil and have extensive experience dealing with such. Each Foundation Repair is carried out with experience, precision, and care. Level Home always goes above and beyond to leave customers' in a better place once the job is completed.


What's The Average Foundation Repair Cost?

 Each structure needs a different repair due to different types of movement and amounts of damage. Price will be given to you during your Free Estimate. A repair plan will be drawn up then cost will be gone over with you before leaving. 

Structural Damage Warning Signs!

Cracks In Siding / Brick

This is the most common or at least most noticable sign you are experiencing foundation settlement.

Cracks In Sheetrock

Sheetrock cracks are a sign that your framing structure is moving. Sheetrock is a rigid material and with the slightest movement starts to crack.

Cracks / Seperation In Concrete Slab

Most people are unaware of slab cracks until they take up flooring but, are a clear indication your soil is active.

Sinking Crawl Space Support

On Crawl Space homes; people generally notice sagging / un-even floors. This is caused by failing crawl space support.

What Should I Do?

Level Home understands that foundation repairs can be intimidating. If you are noticing damage and are curious about what kind of repair you need. Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE of your homes unique settlement issues. A representative will come out and assess the damage you are noticing, then do a full evaluation of our own. Once we are finished, a plan will be created and gone over with you prior to us leaving the appointment. Estimates are sent over same day and come with a comprehensive drawing that shows what is needed and where it will go. This way you will be able to make the most educated decision on how to repair your families home! 

Foundation Piers

Foundation Piers are designed to stabilize the load of structure. This means they will hold your home instead of it moving around with the active soil. Noticing cracks in Brick or Rock siding? Call Today 800-472-1366



Crawl Space

If you have a crawl space home, it is important to have consistant solid support inside of your crawl space. This will remedy sagging floors, sheetrock cracks, and even doors not working properly.

Concrete Slab

Noticing cracking in your concrete slab? Or maybe just uneven floors? Call Level Home Today to get an evaluation of your homes unique settlement. Estimates are FREE of charge!



Drainage Solutions

French Drain Systems are a must in certain situations. If your property is draining poorly then, installing a french drain system may be the solution for you. We also do driveway drains!!



Concrete Services

If the foundation repair is in an area of existing concrete; instead of doing concrete patches we can completely replace! This is a great option for concrete that is already broken.  



What Are The Different Types of Pier Systems?


There are several types of Foundation Pier Systems available. It is important that you know the application of each Pier System when choosing foundation repair options for your house. There are several variances that can determine which process is right for you. We will send out a specialist to not only determine but also explain the findings on each home. Foundation Problems can be intimidating, let us ease the stress by offering a FREE, HONEST, INFORMATIVE ESTIMATE TODAY !!


How Does My Foundation Repair Warranty Work?


The biggest concern of foundation damaged home owners is what kind of Warranty do they have against future foundation settling. With our many warranty options , we take the stress off of the home owner. We even offer a warranty that can transfer between owners at no cost!! 


Is It Expensive To Do Foundation Repairs?


Level Home Foundation Repair offers FREE ESTIMATES for Oklahoma Home Owners! Don't hesitate, call today and schedule an evaluation of your homes unique foundation problems. Estimates generally take between 30-60 mins and are e-mailed to you before we leave the property. Structural Repair Estimates will outline a total price for repair along with a detailed diagram explaining the repair visually. Estimates based on Structural Reports are sent within minutes of recieving and reviewing.

Take advantage of our:
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Foundation Repairs Tulsa, Oklahoma

There are several different methods and types of foundation repair. Most foundation settlement is a combination of different variables. Call Level Home Foundation Repair today and we will explain and educate you on what is needed on your home!

Interior / Exterior Foundation Piers

Tulsa foundation repairs often consist of exterior piers that support and stabilize the outside walls of the home. Cracked brick is a definate indicator of foundation settlement. As the exterior wall sinks the brick begins to pull apart, creating exactly what you see above. Level Home offers both steel piers & concrete piers depending on what is best for your homes unique situation.

Crawl Space Repair

Homes with sagging floors, or excessive deflection (bouncing) are showing signs of foundation settlement. Often times in Oklahoma crawl spaces, we find either a lack of support or improperly designed support. Once the crawl space support starts to settle, thats when you can start notice the symptoms like cracked sheetrock, doors misaligning, uneven floors, soft spots, etc...

Foundation Drainage Systems

Poor drainage around the foundation is the leading cause of settlement issues. Whether you have a concrete slab or a crawl space home, drainage is the most important step to preventing foundation damage. French drains and sump pumps are often necessary to protect your homes foundation!

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Level Home Foundation Repair serves the entire state of Oklahoma. Our corporate office is in Tulsa, OK and also have an office in Edmond, OK. Foundation repairs can often be completed within a week of acceptance and usually only take one day to complete from start to finish. For Foundation Repair Tulsa Cost and or crawl space repair tulsa questions, contact us today! We strive to be one of the leading piering companies in Oklahoma. 


We can be reached throughout the work week directly by phone at 918-361-7787 Tulsa / 405-922-9959 OKC or if you prefer email and/or have a structural report to send over, please reach us at: info@levelhomefoundationrepair.com


Are you going through a Real Estate situation and need a structural report prior to repair? Let us direct you to a local engineering firm. We also reimburse structural fees to ensure the utmost in quality of repair.





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